There are literally hundreds of truck driving schools across the country, each with different programs.  As with any business, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  But you have to know what to look for in a trucking school.
  There are essentially
three different types of truck driver training programs.  The first is a private school, the second is a public institution and the third is a training program run by a motor carrier.
Can Women Be Truckers Too?

Can Women Be Truckers Too?
By Brian Thompson

For the longest time, men have been the dominant force when it comes to truck drivers crisscrossing the country. Women have been hauling freight since the 1800s, but they stopped driving and have been working primarily behind the scenes. Recently ladies have been wondering "Can women be truckers, too?"

The number of women truck drivers has been increasing nearly every year since 1983. At that time, there were 84,000 women drivers. The most recent statistics, from 2006, claim that number to be 182,000. The industry expects this trend of more women in the industry to continue.

Part of the reason for this increase has been the driver shortage; another reason is that there are organizations encouraging women to join the trucking industry. Companies also recognize that women tend to be more careful while driving, and that their equipment is taken care of better.

Currently driving schools are actively seeking women to participate both as driving or maintenance training. There is great potential to move forward, as well as earn a good living, in a trucking career. A starting driver, on average, can earn about $36,000 where an experienced driver earns closer to $60,000 per year.

Even though there have been great strides in technology, and the industry is more "woman friendly" than it has been, changes are still needed. Associations are trying to encourage truck manufacturers to adjust the cab designs to make them more ergonomic for smaller drivers. Truck stops also offer limited items that women would use; many also do not provide separate showers for women. There is also an issue with the lack of secure places for women to sleep.

While it is true that trucking has been male dominant, the industry is doing its best to welcome women as truckers. There is no "glass ceiling" for women because truckers are paid by the mile regardless of sex. The answer to the question "can women be truckers, too?" obviously is "yes." Women can be truckers, and many women are doing quite well in this field.

Should a woman become a truck driver may be a better question to ask. The answer to that question depends entirely on the woman. If she and her husband work as a team, there can be some major benefits. Attracting younger, child-bearing women is less likely because many are interested in becoming mothers.

Changes still need to be made, particularly in the area of truck stop safety, but many women still find that being a truck driver is something they can enjoy as well as earn a decent living. Of course, fuel prices being what they are there may be less profit, but that doesn't seem to dissuade women who wonder if women can be truck drivers, too.

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