There are literally hundreds of truck driving schools across the country, each with different programs.  As with any business, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  But you have to know what to look for in a trucking school.
  There are essentially
three different types of truck driver training programs.  The first is a private school, the second is a public institution and the third is a training program run by a motor carrier.
The 5 Best Truck Driving Jobs - Isn't it Time You Had Financial Security?

The 5 Best Truck Driving Jobs - Isn't it Time You Had Financial Security?
By Bradford Fox

The truck driving career is one that is sure to satisfy your individual expectations. The experience of being a truck driver is often one assumed to "keep you on the road for long periods of time", which is a great thing for those who love to travel but it is not always the case.

People will always need to ship goods and Truck Drivers will always be in demand. You can find a career for life in a Truck Driving Job.

There are a variety of truck driving job opportunities, and the list can be narrowed down to 5 categories that will best fit your needs.

* Interstate Drivers (also known as "long haul" or "over the road" drivers) will be able to travel over thousands of miles for each assignment, providing the opportunity to travel and experience places you may not otherwise visit.

This position is best for someone who just loves the open road. Although being a long haul driver will keep you away from home for several weeks at a time, it is not uncommon for a husband and wife to take a long haul route together as a team and alternate driving shifts.

* Short Haul (or LTL) truck driving jobs will usually keep you away from home for only one or two nights. An example of a short haul truck driving job would be a UPS driver. These are usually difficult jobs to work your way in to, as most companies expect you to have prior LTL experience. Short haul truck driving jobs typically offer the best income and benefit packages so they are highly sought after truck driving positions.

* Local Driving is a truck driving job that allows you to work within 'local limits', usually your hometown and the surrounding areas. With this job, you are able to return home nightly and stay on a 'normal schedule'.

If you have a family at home, a local truck driving job is the best way to balance a well paying job and a home life.

* Vocational truck driving jobs are a different type of truck driving that gives you the opportunity to work close to home or travel. Examples of vocational truck driving jobs are dump truck drivers, garbage truck drivers, and cement mixer drivers.

With a vocational truck driving job, it is possible to maximize income potential by becoming an employee of your state of residence.

* Container Intermodal truck driving positions are a 'do it all' opportunity when you prefer a variety. This is an optimal truck driving job for Owner-Operators and for those who prefer a variety of work. To be able to switch between certain truck driving jobs you need extensive training in each field. Hauling autos, tankers, and flat beds all require individual training for balancing techniques.

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